Urban Exploration Of A Derelict Bunker

Explore over 60 abandoned bunkers, monuments, and cemeteries along with 1,700 underground missile silos in the rugged terrain of the Rheinberg Plateau in the Northwest of Germany.

Urban Explorers Explore Abandoned WWII Bunker

old bunker built by Soviet Union forces during World War II.

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☣️ Haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers ☣️

Pictures show World War 2 bunkers separated by Europe Streets after abandonment by its inhabiters.

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Urban exploration of a cold war bunker ★★★★☆

Bunkers are now exploding in popularity as the modern market is limited on space.

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U.S. Bunker Located By The Sea ★★★☆☆

Many civilians don’t really know or understand what bunkers are for, or why they are used. Here are some quick facts about bunkers to help you out.

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☣️ Comprehensive information on each bunker ☣️

The site documents Cold War and WW2 bunkers across Europe.

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Bunker is embedded within the city of Ivano ★★★★☆

Urbex is all about exploring abandoned structures in urban areas. Some of these structures have been in ruin for decades, while others are in use in some capacity. I’m exploring abandoned Soviet military bunkers in an old mining settlement just outside of Ufa, Russia.

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Bunkers of the Cold War era

Using the cast of the cancelled CBS show Hunted as models, promote the show to fans by creating a viral video promoting urban exploration. On the video, the Hunted stars are looking for food when they stumble across a decade-old cold war nuclear bunker that can't be destroyed because it has no working keypad. The model walks away with food, but other models are captured one at a time to be used as hostages.

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☣ Bunker sites in Poland and Russia ☣

Explore the depths of the Cold War as revealed by countless bunkers and hundreds of decaying buildings and sites, and discover the hidden and forgotten remnants of a political and military ‘hot’ war that left behind a legacy of abandonment and decay.

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☢ Bunker helps out during World War 2 ☢

Explore the secret places where the cold war ended. Explore World War II bunkers just waiting to be explored.

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Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers ★★★★☆

Underground World War II Bunker. Urban Explorers at Hansel & Gretel Tours are excited to introduce you to the forgotten world of the Hansel & Gretel Inn.

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Built by Nazi Germany as a secret military bunker

Explore underground structures like abandoned Cold War tunnels, bunkers, and military structures.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe in depth

Bunkers that represent abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places.

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What happened to the bunkers? ★★★★★

Advantages of a bunker are numerous. They are mostly part of large buildings with reinforced walls, reinforced roof, and reinforced floors which are deeply buried below the surface. They are protected against most natural hazards, most chemical attacks, most nuclear attacks, most aerial attacks including most low-altitude attacks, direct hits from large shells, and heavy explosive blasts.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker ★★★★★

A reality show about people exploring abandoned WWII bunkers for bits of WWII memorabilia.

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An abandoned Cold War bunker

World War II Abandoned Places envisions more than bunkers.

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Abandoned Bunkers Around the World

Thousands of bunkers believed to have been dumped during World War II.

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Bunker history World War 2

Capturing the beauty of what man once left behind. Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites around the United States are being patrolled by urban explorers. Leave it to photographers to show us these once mysterious places in safety.

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This is a fully stocked abandoned bunker ★★★★★

Bunkers were built in the 1930s in the forest of the Ardennes.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

70 years ago, these underground bunkers were supposed to survive a nuclear attack.

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#Canada's Cold War Bunker ★★★★☆

It's a secret government bunker. What was going on in this hidden underground world?.

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